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The Endress+Hauser magazine ‘changes’

Where artificial intelligence (AI) is breaking new ground  

AI is capable of automatically analyzing vast amounts of data, identifying patterns, trends and correlations. It constantly learns and is able to deal with uncertainty. In a nutshell, AI enables better decision-making. It is a topic galvanizing the industry, but it has only just begun. In the latest issue of ‚changes’ we shed light of the potential for AI to become a key pillar in a data-centric future and take the process industry to new levels of efficiency and sustainability. 

Cover image 'changes' magazine: AI generated man is walking towards Alice in Wonderland landscape ©Endress+Hauser


An acquired taste What AI can – and can’t – do.

We need knowledge and enthusiasm SAP CEO Christian Klein and Matthias Altendorf talk about data, collaboration and time.

The bridge-builder AI research scientist Jawad Tayyub explains why AI has nothing to do with voodoo.

Getting more out of AI – together Endress+Hauser is co-developing AI solutions with customers in a transparent process.

Step-by-step progress Matthias Altendorf and Peter Selders discuss continuity and change at Endress+Hauser.

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    • Company magazine
    Man is walking towards Alice in Wonderland landscape

    Company magazine 'changes' 1/2024

    • Company magazine

    Where artificial intelligence is breaking new ground

    • Annual report
    Cover of annual report 2023

    Annual report 2023

    • Annual report

    The 2023 financial year