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Proline 300/500 – Flow measuring technology for the future

For lasting higher levels of safety, product quality, and availability in your process system

Proline 300/500 allows universal flow metering in all applications in the process industry – from quantity measurement and process monitoring right up to custody transfer applications. Proline also provides a view into the process, ensuring that plant operators receive a wealth of important diagnostic and process data. Users benefit from this in many different ways: through optimal process monitoring, fewer periods of downtime, and therefore a more efficient process control.


  • Proline exceeds all industry relevant regulations with regard to process safety (SIL), approvals, custody transfer, product quality, and system availability.

  • Proline guarantees significantly lower operating costs over the entire life cycle of your field measuring devices.

  • Proline is ready for digital networking and its opportunities in process automation through “Industry 4.0” and the “Internet of Things”.

  • Proline makes it easier to fully access device and configurationdata using all interfaces, and therefore increases system availability.

  • Proline offers more than just flow measurement and, with Heartbeat Technology, it also gives you an insight into the process.

Multivariable and high-quality sensors

Proline 300/500 transmitters can be freely combined with any of the Promass and Promag sensors. Several process variables can therefore be measured simultaneously using only one device – for example mass flow, volume flow, density, concentration, viscosity and temperature (Coriolis); or volume flow, temperature and conductivity (electromagnetic). Each device is checked using accredited and traceable calibration facilities (ISO/IEC 17025). This is unparalleled around the globe.


Added value thanks to information from the field

Proline 300/500 supplies the customer with a maximum amount of process information. It is not only possible to retrieve device, diagnostics, service or process data via the control room, but now also on site thanks to an integrated web server that allows for direct connection to a laptop. Comprehensive remote data retrieval is also possible via the installed wireless WLAN – a global innovation that will simplify future service and maintenance.

Heartbeat Technology – always on the pulse of the process

A further highlight is Heartbeat Technology. Integrated into all Proline devices, this checking function enables permanent self-diagnosis, along with a certified and metrological traceable verification during operation. The operator does not need to be present in the field: Verification can be started at any time via all available interfaces. This makes it possible, for example, to extend application-specific calibration intervals, thus saving time and money.


Prepared for Industry 4.0

Proline 300/500 has a unique range of signal outputs and protocols: HART, PROFIBUS, FOUNDATION fieldbus, Modbus RS485, EtherNet/IP and PROFINET. This ensures that all Endress+Hauser flowmeters can be seamlessly integrated into existing automation systems. Thanks to the transparent flow of diagnostics and measurement data – from the sensor to the process control system – unimagined possibilities are now becoming reality, ensuring safe and comprehensive process control.

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