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Calibration Laboratory of Endress+Hauser (Thailand) Ltd is ISO17025 accredited

You are guaranteed the highest level of services compliant with the ISO17025 standard

Local services provide a one-stop calibration and repair service to a wide range of test, measurement and process control instrumentation. So, whether you need pressure, temperature or flow calibration, look no further. All facilities are traceable to national and international standards.


  • Traceable and accredited instrument calibration by Thai Industry Standard Institute (TISI).

  • Highest accuracy with laboratory services.

  • Make safe measurement your priority.

  • Get detailed insights to keep compliance.

  • High quality service from a global instrumentation partner.

Traceable and accredited calibration

Comparisons between devices under testing, testing equipment and the country’s highest national standard are the only way of establishing end-to-end traceability of measured values. To get accredited, Endress+Hauser is checked by official bodies during comprehensive and stringent audits. Various criteria are evaluated:

  • Technical Expertise of the operating personnel

  • Calibration infrastructure (operating procedures, methods, calculations)

  • Quality management system

With high level corporate standards on calibration quality, we guarantee you will benefit from the same quality of service wherever you are.

How to get started with Endress+Hauser Calibration Services

  • Call us on +66 2 447 6900 to 9

  • Fill out our online Calibration Inquiry form below

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Endress+Hauser (Thailand) Ltd. Calibration Laboratory in Nothaburi Office.

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Endress+Hauser (Thailand) Ltd. Calibration Laboratory in Nothaburi Office.

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ISO17025 Certificate by Thai Industry Standard Institute (TISI).